Expose Congress games, says Narendra Modi


Prime Minister says the party is humiliating institutions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday urged BJP workers to keep the people informed of what he termed “dangerous games” being played by the Opposition parties humiliating democratic institutions that did not take decisions conducive to them.

Mr. Modi mentioned the Congress’s doubts over the electronic voting machines, questions over the surgical strike by the Army after the Uri attack and insistence on a joint parliamentary committee investigation into the Rafale deal.

He was addressing party workers of Vellore, Villupuram and south Chennai in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry through a video bridge. A question from a karyakarta from Villupuram led to this answer.

‘Keep people informed’

“The perfect answer to the undemocratic behaviour of the Congress is to strengthen democracy. It is said that sunlight is the best disinfectant. Similarly, information and awareness are important for democracy. So we should keep the people informed of political parties and their dangerous games,” Mr. Modi said.

He said the Opposition would “do its best” to “spread lies and mislead” the people and it was up to the BJP workers to expose them. “Tell the people that before every election, they begin to make a noise about EVMs, trying to create an atmosphere of doubt against a pillar of our democracy itself. However, after the polls, if the Congress performs well, they seem to accept the results that have come out of the same EVMs. They have continuously attacked the Election Commission. However when the same EC declares results which they like, they seem to be fine with it,” he said.

“They have humiliated the Army and the Comptroller and Auditor-General and every institution important to our democracy. Recently, they dared to question a Supreme Court verdict just because they did not like the decision. Earlier, just because they could not threaten the court into doing what they wanted, just because the court was being fair, they tried to impeach the CJI,” he said.

However, the “people were the greatest protection to democracy”. “The last time the Congress tried to threaten democracy, the people ensured they were stopped. Reach out to the people and tell them the Congress DNA is the same. Just because the Emergency was opposed by the people, they have become more cunning,” he said.

The Prime Minister’s remarks came even as both Houses of Parliament have seen continual logjams over the Congress’ demand for a JPC probe into the Rafale deal.


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