EC takes note of NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman’s comments on Congress’ poll promise


The Election Commission has taken cognisance of a statement made by NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman Rajiv Kumar against the Congress’ poll promise of a minimum basic income guarantee of ₹72,000 per year to the poorest families.

“It’s an old pattern followed by Congress. They say & do anything to win elections. Poverty was removed in 1966, One Rank One Pension was later implemented, everyone received proper education under Right of Education! So you see then can say & do anything,” news agency ANI had tweeted quoting Mr. Kumar.

Mr. Kumar also said that in 2008, Union Minister P. Chidambaram increased the fiscal deficit from 2.5% to 6%. “It’s the next step in that pattern. Rahul Gandhi today made the announcement without thinking about its impact on the economy…I think the fiscal deficit may increase from 3.5% to 6%. All the credit rating agencies may bring down our ratings. We may not get loans from outside and eventually, our investments might be blocked,” he said.

Taking note of the matter, the Commission may also seek an explanation from Mr. Kumar.


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