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Day after death of much-loved husband in Dubai, ‘unaware’ Athira delivers baby girl

KOZHIKODE: A day after her husband’s death in Dubai, Athira Geetha Sreedharan gave birth to their first child in Kozhikode on Tuesday. Athira is still unaware that her husband Nithin has left her forever.

Nithin Chandran, 28, who died on Monday had been running around to help Keralites who had lost their jobs and those suffering from ailments to return home. The couple had hit headlines for their initiative to move the Supreme Court for early repatriation of expats during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Athira had returned home a month ago for the birth of their child. As news of her husband’s death started to appear in the media including social media, Athira’s family decided to move her to a private hospital in Kozhikode.

Later, foreseeing that her condition might get worse once the news reaches her, doctors advised for an early C section. As per the decision, the C section was conducted on Tuesday morning and she gave birth to a baby girl. The mother and baby are fine, informed the hospital authorities.

Nithin died in his sleep at his apartment in Dubai’s International City. His friends in Dubai had informed The New Indian Express that he was already taking medication for high blood pressure and also was suffering from a few other heart related issues.

Before leaving for hospital, the family had been informed that Nithin was not well and was suffering from high blood pressure. Even though Athira insisted on talking to him before leaving home for the hospital, the family somehow managed to convince her against it as they wanted the child and mother to remain unaffected by the shock and stress.

The couple will never be forgotten for their attempts to help pregnant women in different parts of the UAE reach home safely. Friends and relatives of Nithin in Dubai and Kerala are trying hard to have his mortal remains repatriated.

Friends in Dubai informed TNIE that Nithin’s COVID-19 test report came out negative and his death was due to a heart attack. His friends are waiting for all the documents relating to his death to be released, in order to bring his body back to Perambra at the earliest.

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