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‘Covaxin’ human trial to begin at Patna AIIMS from July 10

PATNA: Amid the alarmingly increasing cases of COVID-19 in Bihar, the human trials of “Covaxin” — India’s first COVID-19 vaccine — are all set to begin from July 10 in Patna-based All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS).

After getting permission from the ICMR, all mandatory preparation to begin the human-trials have been completed within a very short time frame at the Patna –AIIMS. Speaking to TNIE, Superintendent of AIIMS Dr CM Singh said that the human-trails will begin here from July 10 under the constant monitoring of doctors following the guidelines of ICMR.

“For this, a team of five doctors, who are experts and experienced in conducting such trials, has already been formed and the registration has started for the initial trial”, Dr Singh said, adding that a target has been set to conduct trials of the vaccine on 100 people.

The Superintendent said the human trial takes at least 6 to 8 months. “After that, the final report of performances of vaccine is prepared and sent to the ICMR. However, the number of human beings may increase or decline depending on the number of people, who volunteer to these trials and are medically found fit. If all goes well, the vaccine will reach the markets very soon,” he said.

Being prepared by Bharat Biotech, the trial of Covaxin will be completed in three phases. According to Dr Singh, the trail will be conducted on fewer people and if it produces desired results, the next rounds will be conducted. He said that a trial will be observed and analysed by doctors, experts of vaccine-making company and scientists of the Central Health Department together.

The first phase of trail will take 28 days to complete. Earlier, medical officials had said the trial conducted on rats and rabbits had produced very encouraging results, winning the ICMR’s approval for human trial. On being asked, will this vaccine as per the claim of ICMR be available in India by August 15, Dr Singh refused to reply.

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