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Coronavirus | Narendra Modi announces WhatsApp helpdesk number for providing coronavirus information

The WhatsApp helpline number is 9013151515; Mahabharata war lasted 18 days, war against coronavirus will take 21 days, the Prime Minister says.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 25 said he was very pained by the misbehaviour of some people against doctors, airlines crew and staff of essential services who are at the forefront of combating coronavirus.

He also asserted that the deadly virus does not differentiate between the rich and the poor asked people to be at home and practice social distancing.

Addressing people of his parliamentary constituency of Varanasi via video, he said the Mahabharata war was won in 18 days but this war against coronavirus will take 21 days.

He was referring to the 21-day nation-wide lockdown announced by him on March 24.

Mr. Modi pointed out that around 1 lakh people infected with COVID-19 are recovering and this also needs to be highlighted.

The PM announced that the Centre has tied up with WhatsApp to create a helpdesk for providing credible information on coronavirus. The number is 9013151515.

Excerpts from the PM’s address:

“As MP from Kashi I should have been there with you all, but you know how situation is in Delhi.

“In this hour of crisis, Kashi can lead the people, can teach the country patience, compassion and peace.

“Social distancing, to be at home only way out, best option to deal with coronavirus.

“This disease doesn’t discriminate between rich and poor: PM.People should focus on how deadly this virus is.

“Around 1 lakh people infected with coronavirus are recovering, this also needs to be highlighted.

“People in white in hospitals and clinics are our gods now; they should be respected: PM on misbehaviour with medics. PM slams those ostracising doctors, airline crew.

“We can fight coronavirus by also showing compassion towards the poor. Those who can should pledge to help 9 families for next 21 days; can’t be a bigger offering to gods during navratras.

“We are facing challenges globally, difficulties will arise; we have to come out victorious.

“Don’t focus on mistakes during this crisis; more you support the administration, more successful will be our fight against the disease.

“We should encourage all the work done by those providing us essential services.

“Speak to your doctor before taking any medicine; there’s no medicine or vaccine for it as of now.

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