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Coronavirus | Kerala on high alert, home quarantine back to 28 days

The government has declared a high state of alert across the State, with five new cases of COVID 19 being confirmed in Pathanamthitta district. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, in a facebook post here on Sunday, said that people should obey the advisories issued by the Health Department for the safety of general public.

The Health Department h issued revised guidelines in tune with the new situation, while the clinical protocols for treatment would be the same that had been issued earlier by the World Health Organisation.


While most patients develop respiratory symptoms such as fever, sore throat and cough, in rare instances, people also develop gastrointestinal symptoms, such as diarrhoea.

As only supportive care is available for COVID 19, it is important that people seek medical care without delay. Remaining in quarantine and reducing contact with others is the most important step to be adopted in case one contracts the virus.

Airport and sea port surveillance are being strengthened.

Apart from the COVID-affected nations like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, people coming in direct flights from Italy, South Korea and Iran will also be screened.

Contact number

The Health Department has appealed to people to self report travel history. People have also been asked to be on the lookout for people who have returned from COVID-affected nations in every neighbourhood and to report to the authorities (Helpline DISHA 1056/0471-2552056).

People who are on home quarantine, who may develop any symptom, should contact the helpline. The Health Department will arrange for their pick-up and transport to designated hospitals.


Kerala has put 732 persons across the State under surveillance following COVID-19 threat. Of these, 648 persons are on home quarantine, while 84 persons with mild symptoms are isolated in hospitals.

The condition of all persons currently in isolation in hospitals, including the five COVID19-positive cases were stable, an official release said.


Non-disclosure of travel details by persons who have come into the State from nations where COVID-19 is currently in transmission, would be considered a criminal offence, inviting stringent action, including prosecution, the State police has said.


In an official statement, Kerala police said the public should go by the advisories of the State Health Department.

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