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Coronavirus: Global death toll nears 25,000, Asia confirmed cases cross 1,00,000

PARIS: The number of deaths around the world from the novel coronavirus stood at 24,663, according to a tally compiled by AFP at 1100 GMT Friday from official sources.

More than 539,360 declared cases have been registered in 183 countries and territories since the epidemic first emerged in China in December.

Of these cases, at least 112,200 are now considered recovered.

The tallies, using data collected by AFP offices from national authorities and information from the World Health Organization (WHO), likely reflect only a fraction of the actual number of infections.

Many countries are now only testing cases that require hospitalisation.

Italy, which recorded its first coronavirus death in February, has to date declared 8,165 fatalities, with 80,539 infections and 9,362 people recovered.

Like Italy, Spain also has more fatalities than China with 4,858, as well as having 64,059 infections.

China — excluding Hong Kong and Macau — has to date declared 3,292 deaths and 81,340 cases, with 74,588 recoveries.

The country declared 55 new cases and five new fatalities since Thursday.

The other worst-hit countries are Iran with 2,378 fatalities and 32,332 cases, and France with 1,696 deaths and 29,155 cases.

The United States has the highest number of infected people with 85,991 diagnosed cases and 1,296 deaths.

Cases there have more than doubled in four days, from 41,511 on Monday, making it the country with the fastest progression rate.

Since 1900 GMT Thursday, Honduras, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Uzbekistan have announced their first deaths.

Saint Kitts and Nevis has announced its first case.

By continent, Europe has listed 292,246 cases and 16,925 deaths to date, Asia 101,935 cases and 3,682 deaths, the Middle East 38,896 cases and 2,437 deaths, the US and Canada together 89,400 cases with 1,332 deaths, Latin America and the Caribbean 10,056 cases with 182 deaths, Africa 3,340 cases with 91 deaths and Oceania 3,491 cases with 14 deaths.

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