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Coronavirus: 90 per cent jump in daily fatalities

NEW DELHI: While the central government has been harping on the improving doubling rate of corona cases in its daily press briefing, the death rate has been steadily increasing in the country. For the past four days, the country has seen a daily toll of 65-plus, with Friday recording the highest number of deaths at 77. The total number of deaths so far is 1,152. The daily death count has, in fact, nearly doubled within a week’s span.

The number of deaths on April 23 was 40, which increased to 75 on April 30 — marking a near 90 per cent jump. Similarly, the spike between April 22, when the death count was 36, and April 29, when 71 deaths were reported, was nearly 100 per cent.

In terms of spike in the viral cases between April 23 and April 30 across the country, Maharashtra topped the chart with 190 deaths followed by Gujarat (111), Madhya Pradesh (57) and Rajasthan (31).Maharashtra witnessed nearly hundred per cent rise during this period as the death count increased from 14 on April 23 to 27 on April 30.Gujarat also registered a similar jump as the number of fatalities increased from 9 to 17.

On Friday, the central government informed that there has been a spike of 1,755 new positive cases and 77 deaths in the last 24 hours. Maharashtra has recorded the highest number of deaths at 432, followed by Gujarat (197) and MP (130). These three states also have seen the maximum rise in the number of positive cases. However, the good news is that the mortality rate in the country is lower than other developed countries including the US, Spain and Italy.

India had 15,712 cases when it crossed the benchmark of 500 deaths. In comparison, France had 14,459 cases; Italy had 10,149; Spain 13,716, the UK 11,658 and Brazil had 12,056 cases for the same number of fatalities. These are some of the countries worst hit by the viral infection.

Similarly, India had 31,332 cases when its death toll crossed the 1,000 mark. At that same point, France had 22,304 cases; Italy 15,113; Spain 21,571; the UK 17,089 and Brazil had 19,789 cases.


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