Coliform detected in water cans


Several cases of food poisoning had been detected on Technopark campus

Presence of coliform bacteria, an indication of faecal contamination, has been detected in one of the water samples collected by the Health Department from an eatery in Technopark, following several cases of food poisoning in the campus in January this year. According to officials of the city Corporation’s health wing, the bacteria has been found in water supplied in plastic cans by private agencies.

At present, there is no proper regulation of water supply in cans by these private agencies. With the detection of this case, the health wing is thinking of measures to have a mechanism to ensure the quality of drinking water supplied this way.

“The issue here is that some of these restaurants do not have a proper water connection from the Kerala Water Authority. So, they depend on these private agencies to provide them drinking water in cans. This water is often used as it is for consumption and for cooking purposes.

Water from where?

We do not know where these agencies collect this water from or whether they take any measures to purify it. In this particular case, we have to look whether this agency is located within our limits or even outside the State. If it is within our limits, we can take measures to enforce certain standards with the help of the Food Safety Department,” said an official of the Corporation’s health wing.

In January, more than hundred cases of food poisoning were reported from in and around Technopark. The city Corporation had conducted checks in food courts within the campus and outside, during which water samples were collected and stale food was seized. The coliform bacteria was detected in only one of the seven such samples collected.

The Technopark authorities had also handed over a list of companies which are supplying water cans in the food courts and companies here.

Usage of water from wells is also widespread in the area, although there is piped water supply.

“During summer, there will be huge demand for these cans. So, we have to ensure that adequate standards are ensured by these companies which are involved in the business,” said the official.


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