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Claim pleas should be filed within 2 weeks

Claims should be raised in prescribed proforma supported by affidavit

The K. Balakrishnan Nair Committee appointed to oversee the payment of compensation to Maradu apartment owners has directed petitioners who have already received the interim compensation of ₹25 lakh to submit claim petitions for further compensation within two weeks.

Such claims as the balance of the actual amount paid by them to the builders should be raised in a prescribed proforma supported by an affidavit, the committee said.

Claim petitions

The committee on Monday kept in abeyance decision on two claim petitions owing to defective applications while adjourned another petition for hearing to a later date.

The committee found that same applicants were behind two claim petitions relating to two flats in Jain Coral Cove jointly owned by them. H

owever, both the claim petitions were devoid of sale deeds and had only agreements for sale.

The petitions were not supported by affidavits in the prescribed format as directed by the committee in case of such petitions. So they were asked to rectify the defects and file the affidavits supporting their claims.

The claim petition filed by one Tono Thomas also did not have the sale deed but only an agreement for sale though it was supported by the affidavit.

It was adjudged for hearing along with other similar claim petitions at the Ernakulam PWD Rest House on November 19 at 2.30 p.m.

Interim compensation

The committee also directed the government to release to E.M. Babu, the owner of an apartment in Golden Kayaloram, an interim compensation of ₹25 lakh, which it had directed the Maradu municipality to withhold in the wake of an objection raised by the residents association.

The association raised suspicion about the genuineness of the claim and requested the committee not to release the interim compensation without verifying it.

Panel directive

The committee also ordered that the attachment of an account of Jain Housing and Construction Limited be lifted to enable the company to deposit ₹5.28 crore in the committee’s account.

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