Christchurch mosques attack: seven Indians confirmed dead


149 persons were in the mosques at the time of the attack

It is now confirmed that the victims of the terror attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, included at least seven Indian nationals. The information came in the backdrop of reports that at least nine Indians, including people of Indian origin, were unaccounted for after a white supremacist from Australia went on a shooting spree in mosques, killing 49.

India’s diplomatic mission confirmed that five nationals killed in the attack were Maheboob Khokhar, Ramiz Vora, Asif Vora, Ansi Alibava, Ozair Kadir., Quoting relatives, that at least two other persons — Farhaj Ahsan, a technology professional, and Mohammed Imran Khan, restaurateur — from Telangana, died in the attack. The website has been tracking the case of the missing persons in the attack and the above names appear among the dead.

According to the website, at least 149 persons were in the mosques at the time of the attack, and 49 of them died and dozens others were injured. Bulk of the people at the Friday prayer were from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

India’s High Commissioner Sanjiv Kohli had earlier said seven Indian citizens and two persons of Indian Origin were missing after the attack.


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