Chris Hemsworth to play Hulk Hogan in new Netflix film


Actor Chris Hemsworth is all set to portray wrestling legend Hulk Hogan in a biographical drama for Netflix.

The film will be directed by “Hangover” maker Todd Phillips, who is currently shooting for Joaquin Phoenix-starrer DC project “Joker”.

The script will be written by “8 Mile” scribe Scott Silver alongside John Pollono, according to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’.

The film is expected to look into Hogan’s rise from the Florida wrestling circuit to becoming the face of the World Wrestling Federation in the 1980s where he squared off with villain Andre the Giant.

At his peak, Hogan graced the covers of magazines and headlined a Saturday morning cartoon.

The term “Hulkamania” was coined in 1984, with Hogan referring to his legions of fans as “Hulkamaniacs” during interviews.


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