BHEL coop bank theft: identity of culprit eludes investigators


Police teams looking into possible insider involvement in ₹1.43 crore-heist

Days after an unidentified man stole ₹1.43 crore from BHEL Employees Cooperative Bank on the outskirts of the city, investigators probing the case are yet to establish the identity of the culprit who gained entry into the bank.

Special police teams tasked with the mandate to achieve a breakthrough ever since the crime was committed on the night of October 31 have been vigorously probing from various angles.

Detailed inquiries with the bank staff were made by the police teams which sifted video footages generated from surveillance cameras installed within the bank premises besides making use of other scientific aids as part of investigation.

Notwithstanding all these steps from the time when the case was reported, investigators are yet to get hold of credible clues that could eventually help them in establishing the identity of the culprit, say police sources.

The surveillance camera has captured footage of an unidentified man gaining entry into the bank after breaking the window grill made of aluminium and opening the unlocked suitcase containing cash kept on the floor. It also shows the man placing the currency notes in the bag brought by him before escaping through the same window.

A senior police officer says the teams are yet to establish the identity of the culprit despite vigorous efforts in achieving a breakthrough. The teams are also seriously looking into the angle of a possible insider involvement behind the grave offence adding that some more information and clues have come by.

Going by the modus operandi, the officer says it appeared to be pre-meditated.

Special teams have also examined call detail records as part of their probe, another officer said adding that probe is on.


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