Benefits Of Adding Salt To Fresh Fruits


Salt is the ultimate taste enhancer that makes food amazingly palatable. It’s the miraculous ingredient which can liven up any food. Can you imagine eating your meal without salt unless it’s completely forbidden for you? But it is also an important to note anything eaten in excess or beyond the adequate quantity can harm us and salt is not an exception.Mostly, people like eating fruits after sprinkling little salt on it as the sweet taste of fruits gets enhanced. In fact, adding salt to fruits is an old trick that helps us enjoy consuming fruits that are slightly unripe or sour in taste. In other words, it improves the taste and flavour of the fruits.Salt is chemically termed as sodium chloride which has many vital roles to play in our body. Salt is an anti-oxidant and an anti-bacterial agent. It also helps to cleanse fruits and make it safe for consumption.Here are some benefits of adding salt to fresh fruits.

1.Improves Taste: Amongst all the amazing properties of salt, its taste-enhancing property clearly demonstrates why is it important to add salt to fresh fruits. A dash of salt on fruits can reduce the sour or unripe taste and elevate the flavourful sweet taste. It’s the reason why people love eating fruits with a little salt.

2.Prevents Oxidation: Salt comes into handy while cutting fresh fruits into bite size pieces. Cut fruits oxidize or brown very quickly. To avoid oxidation, cut fruits can be soaked in water with little salt. Anti-oxidizing property is an important fact on why is it important to add salt to fresh fruits.

3.Acts As Anti-bacterial Agent: Fruits are susceptible to many micro-organisms especially bacteria. If fresh fruits are preserved with high salt content, bacterial growth wouldn’t occur and will help preserve the fruits.

4.Acts As Cleanser: Of all the facts about importance of adding salt to fruits, its ability to act as cleanser holds importance equally. Soaking fresh fruits in salt water can help remove pesticides and other chemicals.

5.Reduces Acidity: High-acid fruits, especially the citrus ones and grapefruits, can cause severe acidity in stomach. They are high in fibre and vitamins but have an acidic pH of around 3 to 3.3. Having these fruits with little salt can balance the amount of hydrochloric acid which is stomach acid and avoid digestion related problems.

6.Sodium-Potassium Balance: People who love eating fruits but are on low sodium diet should check their potassium levels because fruits are high in potassium. High potassium & low sodium levels can implicate serious diseases. This is an important fact to note while searching for answers on why is it important to add salt to fresh fruits.

7.Enhances Mocktails And Cocktails: Salt is a special ingredient which gives the extra kick to mocktails and cocktails. Whether you are having a tequila shot or a glass of Bloody Mary, the salt lining the rim of your glass will boost your sensory taste buds instantly. Rock salt flavour is quite common in fresh fruit juices.

These are the benefits of adding salt to fresh fruits.


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