Avanippara tribespeople to boycott polls


Say no one has heeded their demand for a public well

The tribespeople of Avanippara situated in the remote forest tracts of Konni have decided not to vote this time in protest against the “indifferent attitude of the government towards their pleas to address the water scarcity in the colony.”

All the 33 families, with a total voter strength of 74, have decided to move into the forest interiors where they could get water from the shola forests and stay there till the onset of monsoon.

The tribal settlement is situated right on the banks of Achencoil river.

However, with the onset of summer, the river has almost dried up along Avanippara, leading to acute water scarcity in the locality.

The tribespeople who eke out a living by procuring forest produce have been meeting their water needs by digging wells and ponds along the riverbanks for several decades.

Their demand for a public well at the colony is yet to be addressed.


Similarly, the promises given to the tribespeople by successive governments to construct a bridge across the Achencoil river at Avanippara too remain unfulfilled reportedly owing to certain objections raised by the Forest Department.

The polling booth at the Avanippara tribal settlement is the farthest and the last one in the Konni Assembly segment.

The tribespeople say members of mainstream parties seldom visit the colony seeking votes.


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