Attacks will not kill my voice or my spirit, says Arvind Kejriwal


“This is a sign of the dictatorship of Modi. Where anybody who speaks against him is silenced.”

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kerjiwal on May 5 appealed to all “Modi Bhakts” to think first about the nation and refrain from making an individual greater than the nation.

Addressing a press conference a day after he was attacked during a public rally, Mr. Kejriwal said “In the past five years this is the nineth attack on me. After becoming CM this is the fifth. No CM’s security has lapses like this. The BJP is responsible for the lapses as my security is under the central government.”

He said that the Delhi police was not to blame for the attack as it was a conspiracy by the BJP. “Nine times is not a lapse. It is by design. The BJP, Congress can’t stand the fact that the Aam Aadmi is entering politics and are therefore making life difficult for us with CBI raids, arrests, personal attacks etc.

“These 9 attacks are an attack on the people of Delhi not on the CM. The people of Delhi will retaliate. We have worked so hard for the betterment of Delhi and the results of the work are showing therefore the BJP and Congress are scared that people will ask if the Delhi Government can do it why can’t you do it in other states,” the CM said.

He added that he was not scared by these attacks. “It makes me stronger. It will not kill my voice or my spirit. The attacker was a Modi Bhakt who was sent to silence me because I was speaking against Modi,” the CM alleged. “This is a sign of the dictatorship of Modi. Where anybody who speaks against him is silenced. Leaders from across the country are calling me with their support and raising the voice against the dictatorship or Modi.”


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