The whiskey exchange

For a country besotted with Scotch, and where, for the longest time, a ‘white’ spirit was seen as a woman’s drink, gin is the new flavour of the season

If gin was a woman, she’d shudder and collapse in an Aunty Acid meme when she heard #ginspiration #ginpreneurs #ginstagram. For something that our mothers sipped on a Sunday afternoon, dressed in printed silk and pearls, it’s unthinkable that the millennials have hijacked the Gimlet, Pink Gin and Hanky Panky, from almost a century ago. Well, #throwback is a thing these days and G&T isn’t the only (hipster) way to go.

Here and how

“That is still one of the nicest ways to have your gin, either with just tonic water or with a mix of the two with soda. It always works with some citrus element: a slice of grapefruit, lime or orange,” says Ami Shroff, chief mixologist at London Taxi, the Mumbai bar that’s basing its character on the city’s vibe, and is looking at a July launch. They’ll have a special section dedicated to gin, she says, because it is, after all, a London staple, with the revival being rooted there.


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