Review: Wonder Woman: A befitting hurray to girl power. And more!

There’s been an influx of broody superheroes, holier-than-thou superheroes, irreverent superheroes, vainglorious superheroes, bewildered-by-their-newfound-abilities superheroes and grappling-with-the-moral-consequences-of-their-actions superheroes.

But for the first time in a long time, there’s a superhero who actually likes the job.

And she is a woman.

At last, DC’s 75-year-old comic book character has her own movie.

While it’s a pity it didn’t happen any sooner, you feel a lot less indignant about the delay on discovering just how wonderful it is.

Directed with wholesome ardour for the source material by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman is an awe-inspiring combination of wit, warmth and wallop that’s found a smooth, sensitive, sinewy embodiment in real-life goddess Gal Gadot.


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