Pro-Tamil group protests against Rajinikanth’s entry into politics

The ‘Tamilar Munnetra Padai’, a pro-Tamil group protested against Tamil superstar Rajinikanth’s possible entry into politics on Monay, stating that he was a Kannadiga.

The launched a protest outside his residence, following which security carted them away, as they shouted slogans against him.

The protestors claimed that Tamil Nadu should be ruled only by the Tamils and being a Kannadiga, Rajinikanth should not come into the state politics.

Security was already beefed up outside Rajinikanth’s residence ahead of the protest.

Earlier on Friday, while addressing the final day of Rajini-darbar, the Tamil superstar said, after living in Tamil Nadu for 43 years and receiving the fans’ appreciation, he has now turned into a ‘true-Tamilian.’

“I am 67 years old. I lived in Karnataka for 23 years and in Tamil Nadu for 43 years. I have lived and grown with you. You have been truly loving and welcoming and made me a true Tamilian. If I have to live anywhere in this world that will be in Tamil Nadu,” he said.

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