Organic Gardening Tips For Healthy And Green Lifestyle

Having a garden is not big thing but having an organic garden is definitely appreciable. Organic Gardening is method of growing plants and trees without the usage of synthetic products. Here are some organic gardening tips for a healthy and green lifestyle.

Organic gardening tips are:

1.Soil: To maintain a healthy soil, always go for a natural compost so that it improves soil structure, and areation. Compost also helps in increasing soil’s water storing capacity. It also promotes soil fertility and stimulates healthy growth of plants.

2.Fertilizers: It is always best to choose natural and organic alternatives than chemical fertilizers. Inorganic fertilizers contain toxic chemicals that spoil the fertility of the soil so natural manure is any day a better choice. Also encourage the natural tillers and soil conditioners “Earth Worms” that help in making the soil porus supporting good growth of roots and circulation of water.

3.Trees: It is always good to plant trees, as trees, once reach a good height will save energy and money. They provide good shade to other shade loving shrubs and also help in keeping the house cool during summers.

4.Planting Tips: Always dig irregular holes before planting trees as it will restrict the growth of roots. A glazed hole will protect the roots from disturbing the neighbouring plant.

5.Pests: Spray Vinegar or Turmeric water to keep away pests and grow organic weeds that will keep insects away from other flowering plants.

6.Watering: Recycled rubber hoses like Soaker hose will help in delivering water directly to the roots of the plant. These hoses will reduce water loss from evaporation. Early morning or late night are the best times to water plants.

7.Mulch: Mulching is also an important method in organic gardens as it saves fertlity, maintains acid balance and stops the growth of weeds. It is always best a have 2 inch mulch bed for a healthy plant growth.

8.Aphids: Simply spray neem water or just warm water to keep Aphids away. Water sprays work good even during heaviest infestation.

These are the organic gardening tips for healthy and green lifestyle.

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