How to be healthy at work: the most nutritious lunches on the high street

Pret a Manger’s surge in profits, is thanks, in part, to the popularity of its vegetarian food and healthy breakfast, including coconut porridge.

With more people opting to buy lunch out daily and greater awareness of healthy eating, it seems that consumers are increasingly concerned about choosing nutritious, balanced foods for their midday meal.

Chain outlets and supermarkets offer a huge variety of lunchtime options, from sushi to salads to soups,  all claiming to be “healthy” choices for the hungry office worker.

With the staggering number of options available (and the ever present, tempting range of snacks on display) it can be a struggle to determine which dish really will provide the best balance of protein, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, without sneaking in unexpected quantities of sugar and salt.

In order to find the best options available on the high street, we spoke to nutritionist and dietician Jo Travers, who has picked the healthiest choices from the menu.


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