Fashion notes: New way to wear your old T-shirt

Stores these days are swarming with pretty blouses that feature gingham prints, off-shoulder silhouettes and balloon sleeves. We have all been struck by the shirting trend. And it’s great – the shirts are versatile, cool and comfortable. But a side effect of the shirting influenza is a natural neglect of another garment in our wardrobes – the T-shirt.

The summer season is the time for your old T-shirts to shine. If you’re in possession of more than 12 to 15 T-shirts in your wardrobe, there’s absolutely no need to hit the store to buy more. Nor should you feel pressured into buying an expensive designer logo T-shirt, even though they have been heavily popularised by fashion bloggers and editors of late.

Make do with what you have, even if it’s devoid of flashy branding, or seek out affordable options. Bonus points for T-shirts flaunting quirky puns – I will be getting a lot of wear out of my old “Habibi Dubai” T-shirt by BRCSC, inspired by the Hermes carriage logo, but featuring a camel instead of a horse.

I recently spotted a brilliant design on Instagram by ­Australian brand Twiin the ­Label – it looks like the popular Gucci logo T-shirt, but instead of Gucci, it reads ­”Gemini”, which happens to be my star sign.

Pair your T-shirt with printed summer skirts for optimal appeal. Think pleated maxi skirts, silk wrap-skirts and semi-sheer, tiered skirts. If you’re experimenting with ­anything this summer, let it be your skirt silhouette.

Boyfriend jeans are great, but there’s nothing extraordinary anymore about a T-shirt-and-ripped-jeans ensemble. You don’t have to search far and wide for a special skirt – the high street is full of them. While you’re at it, pick up a cheap new Tee too – such as the one I recently found at Mango that reads: “Pink ­addict.”


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