Climate change is real, says Elon Musk, resigns from President’s advisory council

Top business leaders show protest against Trump’s decision on Paris treaty US President Donald Trump’s.

36 die in Philippines casino attack

A gunman stormed a casino in the Philippine capital and torched gambling tables in the.

‘How do you sleep at night?’ – Rudd confronted over Saudi arms sales

Green leader Caroline Lucas has told Amber Rudd she does not know how she sleeps.

The Pedicab Project Is Giving Nepal’s Rickshaws a Modern Update

Among the sea of traditional rickshaws on the streets of Lumbini, the southern Nepalese birthplace.

Philippines soldiers killed in ‘friendly fire’ air strike in Marawi

Ten soldiers have been killed in a government air strike in the embattled city of.

Paris climate deal: EU and China rebuff Trump

A draft of the document, seen by the BBC, stresses the “highest political commitment” to.

9-Foot-Long Gator Plays Easter Bunny, Dropping Into Family’s Home

“He was perfectly happy. He would have stayed for however long,” the surprised homeowner said.

Hot Glue Gun Triggers 4-Hour Lockdown At Colgate University

Some on campus called it an “overreaction” because the student with the glue gun is black.

A Photoshopped Picture Of Donald Trump Is Freaking Everyone Out

There’s something weird about this photograph featuring President Donald Trump, but you might not have noticed it at first glance.