Art by Sacha Jafri bought by Scottish-Indian entrepreneur

Scottish-Indian entrepreneur Poonam Gupta has bought a painting depicting cricketer Virat Kohli’s IPL journey over 10 years for a whopping £290,000 (approximately ₹2.4 crore).

The painting, by 39-year-old British artist Sacha Jafri, went on sale during a recent charity dinner organised by the Virat Kohli Foundation. The dinner was held at the Royal Armory Club in London. The cricketer himself left his handprint in blue on the painting. Kohli’s foundation supports underprivileged children.

Mr. Jafri is an award-winning painter, who has collaborated with the likes of sportspersons David Beckham, M.S. Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh for their charities and social work.

Ms. Gupta, CEO of Scotland-based company PG Papers, said, “What I like about this young generation of Indian cricketers is that they are responsible and want to make a difference on and off the field. I am very connected to the cause taken up by Virat.”

“Slavery has no place in this world and we need to stand up and do our bit. I am glad Virat has come forward against this evil, and by buying this magnificent piece of art created by my favourite artist Sacha Jafri, I tick two boxes. I take a rare masterpiece home and also help this noble cause in my own way,” Ms. Gupta said.

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