A Death In The Gunj: A discordant calm

Konkona Sen Sharma’s debut is a marvellously measured film, where each element of filmmaking is staggeringly synchronous with the other

The first time I saw Konkona Sen Sharma’s A Death In The Gunj I was immediately taken in by the real and relatable family dynamics. On the second viewing I can’t get over the overriding harmony of her frames in dealing with something as discordant and disruptive as death.

There is a mellow touch with which she stirs up a brooding, disquieting and unsettling mood. An underlying touch of calmness, even in the most agitation-ridden situations, renders them all the more eerie. But then ferocity and assertion of power could come on display all of a sudden, in a banal moment like driving practice. And throwaway humour could puncture the tension, just as unexpectedly. The music keeps perfect pace with and adds to the changing ambience and the flow of visuals.


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